a close friend of mine sent me this… its soooooooo interesting.

get him to “put a ring on it”….

highlighted points are Pink, my thoughts are in blue.

READ ON! yes, it’s ridiculously long, but it just might change your life


Why Men Marry Some Women and Not Others by John T. Molloy

This book is based on over 3,000 interviews conducted by Molloy and his researchers. They interviewed couples coming out of marriage license bureaus, and then a control group. The results reflect the statistical tendencies of marriage. Many of the lessons are common sense, but what sets this book apart is its specificity and the statistical backup for its assertions.
Editor’s note: One interesting fact is that this book got positive but mixed reviews on Amazon. It seems that the statistical truths that women who are A) over 35, and B) overweight are much less likely to marry were not well-received by those women who fell into those categories.


The Six Basic Guidelines For Women To Get Married
1. Insist on it.
2. If you find yourself in a dead-end relationship, move on. *so important*
3. Love yourself first. *in any relationship*
4. Commit yourself to the idea of getting married
5. Keep in shape, watch your weight, and take care of your appearance *single or married…*
6. Time is running out—use time wisely in your search for the marrying man

To maximize your chances of marrying,
only date the marrying kind:

  • Most men will not consider marriage before they reach the age of commitment
  • For 80% of high school graduates, 23
  • For 80% of college graduates, 26
  • For college men, the high-commitment period is 28-33
  • For men who go to graduate school, 30-36
  • After the age of 37-38, the chances that he’ll commit drops dramatically. After 43, it drops even more
  • A 40+ man who has been married before is more likely to remarry than an equivalent bachelor is to marry
  • Most men will not contemplate marriage until they have been working and living as independent adults for several years (hence the high-commitment periods)
  • Men become likely to marry after they become uncomfortable with the singles scene (E.g. They realize that they’ve become the sleazy old guys who hang out at the bars and hit on younger girls)

Men do have a biological clock, based on their desire to be an active father (especially to their sons)

Misc. negative traits and warning signs:

  • Men who see marriage as a financial arrangement in which women have the most to gain
  • Men whose parents divorced when they were young *sad but true*
  • Men who live with their parents *seriously, grown men just shouldn’t live with the ‘rents*

Other key facts

  • Men often marry women whose religion, politics, values, and socioeconomic status match theirs *otherwise you just have fundamental differences, which won’t make your marriage any easier*
  • Men whose friends and siblings are married are more likely to marry *men are sheep*
  • 60% of the newly married men reported that they had a friend who had married within the last year. *get ’em while they’re hot*
  • Those men who didn’t have any married male friends were 2-3 times as likely to say that they weren’t ready to marry.
  • The majority of men who had seen their friends get married said that if they met the right woman, they’d think seriously about getting married.
  • Avoid stringers, men who string along women but never commit. To filter them out, insist that he commit after six months. Then stick to it, no matter what excuses he gives. *Amen to that in 2009*
  • Consider unpolished jewels, men who are just as nice, intelligent, hard-working, and successful, but lack looks, height, or social skills.*unpolished jewel? or settling? i struggle with this one*

First impressions are important **real talk**

1. Men are attracted by the physical, but marry character *just being pretty won’t get too far*
a. Newly engaged men said that what attracted them to their fiancées was how classy *check*, positive *check*, energetic *check*, enthusiastic *check*, and upbeat *check* their future wives were.
i. While 68% gave a physical description of their fiancée, only 20% said that what attracted them was how gorgeous and sexy their fiancée was. Over 60% described their personalities, even if the women in question were very beautiful.

b. Therefore, be positive! *you’ll have more long-term friends in general if you stick with this*

2. All wives are trophy wives—men marry women whom they admire and like to show off (but not for their physical appearance)

3. Dressing appropriately sends the message, “I am wife material.” Men marry women they perceive as “situational virgins” who move easily in their world. *totally adding ‘situational virgin’ to my lingo”

a. Editor’s note: In other words, don’t dress like a ho. Men see a sexy outfit as an invitation to have sex.
b. Most men decide within 10 minutes of meeting a woman if she’s appropriate for marriage, or just for a casual affair.
c. Over 80% of men said or bragged that their fiancée was the kind of woman they were proud to introduce to friends and family
d. Over 70% of men said that they knew that their future bride was a “nice girl” the minute they met
e. Only 7 out of 2,000 men interviewed said that their fiancée was dressed in a very sexy outfit when they met. *sweet, but I happen to think i’m very sexy in most thingsg…especially my basic tee & skinny jeans uniform..*

4. If you want to marry a man who is more attractive than you, go for a very good-looking man because he will actually place less emphasis on looks. Women see their own looks as a gift of nature equal to or superior to brains and talent. In contrast, 67% of very good-looking men think of their looks as a minor asset, and say they would rather be smart, rich, or talented. *FYI -my mother strongly suggests against marrying a man more attractive than you*

Do the following:
a. Approach him. Very attractive men don’t make passes at women because they don’t have to. *this is why, they’re the worst*
b. Let him put you on a pedestal. Don’t treat him any differently than you would another man, just because he’s good-looking.
c. Let him see your talents and accomplishments. Very good-looking men often marry women who have qualities they lack—education, professional accomplishment, social standing, and ambition. *hahahahaha, pretty much called very good looking men ‘good for nothing’*
d. Make demands on him. Advise him to go back to school or get a better job. *let me upgrade ya*
5. Making a good impression on his family is almost as important as making a good impression on him.
a. 5% said that it was their family that had convinced them that the woman was something special
b. 30% said that their family’s positive opinion had influenced them

What kind of women get married?

1. Women with a large number of female friends are more likely to marry than women with a large number of male friends

**hmm, I wonder why??? i’m a girly girl & a guy’s girl… I  had this convo last week with a guy friend and I came up with the following reasons why you stay single when you have too many guy friends:

  • you’re bff’s with (instead of dating) the guys are girls are trying to marry…
  • you’re less needy of male attention (less likely to give random guys a shot just because…) because if you want guy energy you can call your best guy friend instead of giving a new guy a chance
  • you hear soooo many stories from your boys; perspective that its hard for you to be as naieve as girls who only hear girls’ sides of stories

a. Men don’t go out of their way to introduce their female friends to other men *men just don’t think “can’t wait for you to meet my friends!” like we do…*

2. If you reach 30 and want to get married, you have to make finding a husband a primary goal. Once your friends start getting married, they are less likely to have an active social life with you. Don’t be the last one off the bus! *soooo don’t want to be ‘that single friend’…*

3. Women who get married, even those with high-powered careers, make getting married a priority that they work at.

4. The larger the number of single men and women you work with, the better your chances of marrying *good thing I left L&T…*

a. If you work in an industry with few eligible men (e.g. the fashion industry, where most male colleagues are gay)*sigh, but there are other perks…i love my job*, or have other disadvantages, you’ll have to work harder outside of work to overcome them. It’s unfair, but suck it up.

5. Women with unrealistic expectations often remain single *uh oh*
a. Much of the time, these expectations are imposed by others, who think that the men she brings home aren’t “good enough for her.” *not it*
b. Give men a second chance—20% of brides to be said that they didn’t like their husband when they first met him. but men almost never grow on me…i guess i’m starting at 80%*

6. Self-confident men are attracted to accomplished, self-assured, and talented women *so… men who can’t hang are insecure…absolutely right*

**and here in lies the core of my problem…7, a, & b…**

7. Women who waste their time with stringers or men who don’t care for them hurt their chances of marrying *self sabotage #1*
a. Women who marry refer to the men who broke up with them as losers. Women who don’t marry often make men who don’t reciprocate their feelings the center of their universe and still speak well of them. *self sabotage #2*
b. Don’t date married or gay men. *that is, if you are aware, most married & gay men will surely liee to women they date*

8. Women who live with their parents are less likely to marry *less likely to do lots of things*

9. Being slender attracts more men, therefore increasing your chances to marry *check*

10. Women who put effort into looking their best are more likely to marry than those who don’t *its gotta look like you didn’t try to look ur best though*

11. However, men find women who are active and don’t spend all of their time primping more attractive *my point exactly, men love natural beauty….but re: #10, put in some effort to HIGHLIGHT your natural beauty*

12. Women who make an effort to seek out the company of single men are more likely to marry
a. Women who marry date more frequently than those who don’t, even it’s Mr. Wrong. *its a #s game*
b. Women who marry are three times as likely to participate in masculine activities in which they had no real interest. *lucky for me I am genuinely interested in masculine activities*
c. Women who marry are twice as likely to have made lifestyle sacrifices (changing jobs or moving) to meet eligible men. *oh, like, leave NYC?…sounds about right*

13. Women who have active social lives are more likely to marry *you’re highly unlikely to meet someone new in your living room on the couch*
a. Go out on Friday and Saturday, when other single people go out *note…cool ppl go out sun-thurs*

The stages in a relationship *first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage*
1: Living up to expectations
Men believe that they can size up a woman in 5 minutes. They’re usually wrong. If a man doesn’t call, it’s because he realizes that he made a mistake.

2: Getting to know you. The following types of women are more like to get asked out on additional dates
a. Women who date more extensively *#s game again*
b. Women who have male friends or brothers (and thus have a better understanding of men) *just make sure your female friends outweigh your male friends according to an earlier note*
c. Women who worry less about their dates and more about having fun *just be natural*
d. Women who don’t have sex on the first date *so key*
e. Women who object when they don’t approve of the man’s plans *closed mouth don’t get fed*
f. Women who are friendly and positive *men are more likely to be realists, they need some positivity….and no one wants to marry a debby downer*

g. Women who are a good audience and show interest and/or a concern for his welfare *genuine support*

Sidebar: Why men don’t call
As men see it, they don’t need a reason not to call. They do need a reason to call.
The woman gets too serious too soon
The woman is not as positive as they had thought.
90% of men find catty remarks a turnoff

3: Needs and lifestyles
This stage is about separating attraction from compatibility.
If your lifestyles aren’t compatible, end the relationship as quickly and painlessly as possible

4: Steady dating (range: 3 weeks to 3 months)
Men don’t typically think of themselves as dating until after 4-6 dates
Women typically think of themselves as dating after 2-3 dates, hence the problem*pump your breaks ladies*
The primary reason men drop women during the first month or two is that the women come on too strong, too soon.
50% of men have broken up with a woman because she got serious prematurely *no really, pump your breaks*
Never speak of marriage, children, or your future together for the first 6 dates. *absolutely not cool*

5: Romancing the woman

Men are always trying to please the women they like. Just relax and enjoy your stay on the pedestal (because it’s likely to be brief).*let him court you & try to impress*

6: Getting comfortable (3 months+). This is the stage where the couple stop feeling they have to be on their best behavior and start being themselves. The fact that your man doesn’t bring you roses, but instead plops on your couch to watch TV and takes you for granted is actually a natural stage and the hallmark of almost all serious relationships—not a deal-killer.
-But, don’t be a doormat. If you don’t complain, or, even worse, try to do everything for him, it will make him think you are just there for his convenience. *men will do as little as you let them*
-Women who withhold doing household chores usually get more respect from men *it sends”going for the ring” signals..but its cool to help sometimes*
-The women who insist on being treated well are 2x as likely to end up marrying their man. No one marries a servant.

-Insist on being monogamous *muy importante. closed mouth don’t get fed*

7: Committed couplehood (range: 6 months to 1 year; 73% said that within 9 months, their partner had become the center of their lives).

Successful couples:

  • Are monogamous
  • Put their partners interests above their friends and family
  • If his family member makes a negative comment about you, he should defend you. 79% of marrying men said that they came to their financees’ defense.
  • Hang out together without any particular plans. When just being together, you are a successful couple.

8: Premarital couplehood. Committed couples are:

  • Openly affectionate, and make sacrifices for each other
  • Become confidants. More than 90% of couples who get married are (But remember that men are sensitive to criticisms of their family, and men don’t share their feelings easily)

9: The proposal stage

  • Most men propose after going out with a woman for 18 months.
  • If at the end of 22 months, a man has not proposed, the chances that he will start to diminish.
  • For 3.5 years, the chances diminish gradually. After that, it plunges. After 7 years, your chances are virtually zero.

Speaking of Marriage
1. Men who discuss marriage are more likely to propose

2. If you want to discuss marriage, you’re going to have to bring the subject up, because many men never will

3. 73% of marrying women said that they put pressure on their man to propose *but aggressive and unfulfilled ultimatums are NOT the way to do it

4. If a woman is convinced that marriage is essential to her happiness, she is more likely to marry.
a. If a man is convinced that being married is essential to a woman’s happiness, he is more likely to propose

5. When a man who has been dating a woman for months says he hasn’t thought of marriage, he’s probably just being honest. Men don’t think about these things.
a. 1/3 of husbands who had said no at first had forgotten that they did so
b. 2/3 remembered, but most thought it wasn’t a big deal.
c. When told that saying this upset their wives, the men generally responded, “What did she want me to do, lie to her?”
d. More than 90% of men who said they weren’t ready didn’t think the answer was a rejection, just a fact.
e. The best response is, “Maybe it’s time for you to think about it..”
f. Statistically, this is actually one of the most encouraging answers a woman can receive; many of these men proposed within 4 months.

6. Men don’t get subtle hints—a woman has to discuss marriage directly and, to make sure he gets the point, ask follow-up questions.

7. When a man says he isn’t ready, it usually doesn’t mean he will never marry.

Often, it’s because they don’t have enough money.

8. Men rarely respond positively when challenged.

a. Over 50% of men say that when presented with a choice, “Marry me or get lost,” they chose to get lost.
b. Over 50% of men say that when a woman walks out, they let her go.
c. Instead, come back to the subject later. Send the message, “I love you, but I need marriage.” Don’t let them off the hook.
i. “How could you do this to me? You hurt me.”
ii. “The reason I’m so hurt is that I love you.”

thank me later




3 thoughts on “ALL THE SINGLE LADIES…

  1. Not to be ‘Debbie Downer’ but I was talking with a friend today about Beyonce (said guy lamented ‘I don’t **** with her doctrine’) when I said, ‘Come harder this won’t be easy,’ nevertheless I’m so over that freakin’ Put A Ring On It. I feel like ever since the song dropped, my hot girl fabulous ladies -not all but a majority- have been on a ‘I need a boyfriend/ring’ kick. I am not a settler (you hinted at this earlier) so I always grapple with whether I settle with guys. Anyhow, I personally think some of the aformentioned suggestions are noteworthy, however, I think in this day and age we spend way too much time tryna follow these self help books and do everything right then MR RIGHT slips out from under us…or even worse we dont even notice he’s there. My granny says just try your best to be kind and nice to everyone and God will keep sending good stuff your way. My credo for “finding a husband.” Also I think letting some things go is big (I didnt see that on here). If I’m supposed to be married, I’m pretty sure he’ll find me. No knock…I’m just sayin. Love ya Kimmie and thanks for sharing.

  2. I feel you Bridge, but, you’re you. If all the ladies took your Granny’s advice, they’d be in some trouble. While you are secure, confident, smart, and not trippin on (most of) these fools…soooooo many women have lost sense of self, if they ever had it, and need some guidelines to help them pick their dignity up off the floor.

    While I’m more the former than the latter, there’s been a little damage done along the dating path, and a little reminder here and there to call my ex a loser is always a good thing 😉


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