Tales of my travels…

After a long lunch including a beer, I had a rather relaxing afternoon. And then I noticed it was 505. Sh*t, I was supposed to leave at 445, but I got a little too caught up in a good ’round of afternoon gchat flirting.

So, I  swing it and still take the subway (its a recession), one stop up, I’ll be fine. I exited at the totally wrong door out of grand central and had to walk an extra few blocks out of the way…and go to the ATM, I passed the airport shuttle. There was a long line thought I might make it back in time, but I didn’t.

I hold true to my ‘everything happense for a reason’ principle and buy my roundtrip bus ticket anyway.
“Excuse me.” The guy behind me had a thick german accent, but he seemed harmless.
I look back & say nothing. He repeated himself “Excuse me, if we have 2 more people, its $10 each in a cab”
I have to admit, I was kind of acting b*tchy “yea, but we don’t have 2 more people.” and I walk away.

I’m the first in line for the next bus since the other one left moments ago, lucky me. I take a minute to relax and send a bbm to the birthday girl in ATL (shout to Court) saying “shit, I’m cutting it closer than I like to, crossing fingers”.

“Excuse me.” ...its him again. “Excuse me, I’ve done this before, if we have 2 more people we get there faster and cheaper.”

This time I think it’s a God wink. Still an asshole I say “then find 2 more people before they buy the ticket and I’m in”. All he needed was a little push of confidence, and I gave it to him. In a few short minutes he returned with two more perfect strangers.

One is a tall, homely & friendly looking, middle aged white man from the midwest returning to Wisconsin from his consulting job in NYC. The other, a clearly socially awkward tall and lanky young black boy, who I later learned is a college student just heading to pick a friend up at the airport.

The 4 of us hop in the cab and I’m thinking, I may not make my flight, but this is just too interesting to pass up on. Shortly after we’re all packed in, the cabbie screams at someone crossing the street and pretty much was an inch away from hitting him.

Middle age mid-western white guy says “what language was that?”

German dude is the back of the cab/van says “not german”

Awkward black kid says “not portugese”. (and i’m like….????)

I felt compelled to chime in: “not english” …

I put them at ease, they all chuckled.

A few moments later as we crosstown to hit the FDR “I’ll Be There” a Mariah Carey comes on. I love this song….

oooooh, apparently so does Mr. Socially awkward in the back seat. He started singing his little heart out and it sounds something like a funny American Idol tryout. I started cracking up.

Mr. Midwest, to my right, saw me trying to hold back the laughter and wanted to make it less awkward (and I felt a little bad) so he started giving dude in the back advice about college.

I had to tune out but every now and then I’d check back in with the convo and they’d be talking about the economy, Obama, work…every time the kid started singing someone would interrupt with a question. It was awesome.

Not much more exciting stuff happened during the trip to LGA, but I did make my flight and landed in the A safely.

F.I.L.A. – forever I love atlanta,


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