Tales of my commute pt 2…

I always find my nyc commute rather interesting. There are just a cast
of characters over the city, for me its those in east harlem and
union square.

Walk out my apartment door and make a left to the corner. Across the way, there’s a man on a bike “Pssssss!!!! Ay yo
… Don’t look, it’ll only make it worse. “Sllllllim!!! Sexy!!!”… And then, almost simultaneously, there’s banging on the window at the corner deli as I pass, startled, I look.  Phew, that’s just my boy T who makes my iced coffee waving hello. I wave back.

I have to wait at the corner 2 blocks down to cross. A different “Sliiim” comes out of a window. I ignore. Why is his window even down? Its 30 degrees outside, if that.

I always see my old dude who cleans the steps at one of the brownstones as I cross town. He says his usual “Good morning ma’am, have a blessed day! followed by a compliment on my outfit…today it was“love that scarf”. I smile and cheerfully say “morning! You too”  in reply.

At the end of the block on is a crackhouse that I heard on the news got busted back in 07. but… I’m pretty sure its still a crackhouse. There’s always a few semi-recovering/ semi-using functional & friendly druggies on
that corner. Deeper in the summer than winter, but they’re faithful to that corner.  One says to the other as they make way for me to walk
thru this is the woman I been tellin you about” he’s smiling from
ear to ear,
and somehow I’m flattered. (Alas! A guy who tells his friends how great I am…I’ve been looking for love in ALL the wrong places) “Slim, you come by here every day?”. …Not everyday…but have a good morning!” …. “I already did”.

That was sweet.

But then I think maybe I should switch up my routine a little bit because I don’t want them plotting on me.

I swipe my metrocard and I always get happy when it doesn’t ask me to “swipe again at this turnstyle.” (Its the little things in life). The Happy feeling quickly disappears when I see two very harlem dudes
“Hey ma. You sexy.” “Thanks.” I keep walking. I always
express gratitude because if I don’t, they’d surely escalate to
anger… and who needs that? Much easier to always play kinda nice,
kinda tough with these guys… And then I hear
“ooh she got a little
fatty” and the other one proceeds to sing “I wanna see you dance, see
you dance, ma I wanna see you dance”.
I laugh a little bc its soooo
,and besides, they can’t see that I’m secretly enjoying the entertainment.

Waiting on the platform the first 6 train blows the horn and keeps
going. Damn. But the next one comes before I know it…the seat I get,
if any, determines whether or not I’m going to switch to the express.

I see that these guys really are spread out and I could sit
down if they make room. Yes, I’m that girl.
So after a sweet “excuse
me” they both look up and
make room for me. I thnk its cause I’m kinda
I get so caught up in writing this I almost forgot to switch at
86th bc middle seats don’t pass the local train test.  Super excited
about my transer because
the 5 train was approaching when I got
downstairs and the car was wide open
.…except for the crazy. (Note:
a wide open subway car is usually a sign that somethings up: psycho,
sht, vomit, something…).
So I take heed an opt for the next car. Got
an end seat so I’m happy.

I take a break from typing bc its been a rather peaceful trip and I look up
and see this:

I thnk its a ‘god wink’ because I was JUST talking about taking my career to the next level this morning with
my bff.
..crazy. Does this mean I should really browse thru the FIT coursebook that’s been sitting on my dresser? Does this mean I should follow thru with one of my many new years resolutions and take a class? Hmm..

“FREE METRO TODAY!!! METRO!!” …. When isn’t the metro free? I pass.

I don’t know if all this is just bc I decided to write today, but …oh
shit, I missed my stop.
I was so busy typing and laughing at this
white dred head in a black and blue, throwback, northface bubble, that
now I can’t get off til the Brooklyn Bridge.

This officially sucks.
What’s even down there?? How did I fully miss 14th st?

Its 1038am and I’m headed back uptown to 14th st. I‘ll be a little later
than I like to be,
but I’ll have a funny story to share, and for me,
sometimes its about the story.

I grab my coffee from what I call “the two small chics in a coffee
and walk into 853 bway. I told Jimmy, the best doorman ever,
that I missed my stop and he said
“Kimmmmy, ur day dreaming about

I love him.

REAL LIFE is so funny sometimes you couldn’t make this stuff up.


8 thoughts on “Tales of my commute pt 2…

  1. ” I think maybe I should switch up my routine a little bit because I don’t want them plotting on me.” ….Hahahahahahaahaahah,
    So basically you get heckled every morning because you are beautiful woman…

  2. I enjoyed reading this today. Thanks! But because I love you so…I need you to switch up your routine to work. All we need is for one of those crazies to be having a not so good morning and their flattery turns to something else. But great storytelling love and thanks for giving me a slice of NYC today!

  3. Did the man on the brownstone have a scarf on as well? Because if he didn’t the you too comment probably didn’t make much sense to him.

    Crackheads/recovering crakheads have a lot of game. I’m gonna use that already did line.

    I was driving to work today in the snow, accelerated to change lanes and my car did a complete 180 spin and the front was facing where the back was supposed to be. Thankfully I was the only one on the road at the time.

  4. if i wanted to stalk you i now know your whole routine even down to your destination.
    but sweet story! take care 🙂

  5. That story was hittin, it took me out of the snow outside and into your day. I can dig it! More please! p.s. I wanna see you dance, lol!

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