Tales of my Commute Pt 1…gotta love NYC

I’m riding the 3 train uptown to go home from work. Around 72nd street
I found myself head nodding to the latest 50 track…

and then I realized I wasn’t listening to my ipod, but the tunes of a
stranger a few seats down in my subway car.


What makes people think this is okay? I know common sense is far less
common than we like to admit, but really?
You’re just going to play
your radio on full blast for all to enjoy, or not? I have to admit
that I think
there’s undoubtedly an admirable ‘I just don’t give a
f*ck’ mindset
behind such an action., but 645 on a Monday evening
isn’t the time or the place for such f*ckery.

Sucks that we have no control over the sights, scents, and sounds
during our commute in NYC
… But until then I’m happy because ‘I can’t
believe it’
is the next track, and I happen to still adore this song.

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2 thoughts on “Tales of my Commute Pt 1…gotta love NYC

  1. yo that kills me too. im always thinking when they do that “like seriously?? u gonna just play your music THAT LOUD and some what enjoy everyone starin’ at you like your a rude bastard” . and why they always gotta be black too…

    those loud radio players really dont give a flyin f*ck

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