Foodie Love

Get excited…

Restaurant Week(s) NYC is almost here!



During the weeks of January 18-23rd and 25-30th select restaurants will offer a special prix fixe 3-course menu for lunch, dinner, or both. Lunch menus are $24.07 and dinner menus are $35. The list of participating restaurants released on Jan 5th so be sure to check out the list here.

Here are a few tips to help you maximize your experience during this great offer:

1. Try something new. It’s 2009, so expand your horizons.  From neighborhood to cuisines…If you’re a SOHO diner, try heading to Queens. If you frequent Steakhouses in Midtown East, try Italian in the LES.  Just mix it up, you might just find a new ‘hood of choice.

2. Check the prix fixe menu offered before you go! Just because you heard the Rib Eye @ Center Cut was the sh*t DOES NOT mean you can have the Rib Eye entree for $35.  Oftentimes the special menu will not be the usual offerings – plan ahead.

3. Operate on your own agenda – don’t wait to make the reservation! All too many times have I waited to get a final headcount with girls or put on hold ’til a special friend checks his work schedule for that week.  You’re in charge (2000-mine shout to the L&T girls).  If you know that YOU want to go to Lupa for lunch on Friday, make a reservation for 2 and someone will roll.  If you know you’re trying to go to Butter on a Monday night to pregame before it gets popping, make a reservation for 4, and fill the spots closer to the day.  Reservation slots wait for no one, dont be left out from your fave spots waiting on anyone else.


visit the official site here




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