Top 5… resolutions for 2009

I had an awesome 25th birthday party with 205 pics to prove it. But since that glorious evening, i’ve noticed that time is moving uber-fast…I have some things I need to work on to offically call myself a “grown up”& when better to start than with the new year?!

I officially decided to get on my grind in 2009 (!) I will be all about stepping up my game.

Knowing better simply isn’t enough, I have to do better.

In ’09 these are the TOP 5 things i’ll be working on to be a better Kim Frye:

1. financial planning. wow, life has been fun but its time to get real. budgeting, saving, all those recession-friendly words really have been tossed around so much lately that its hard for me to ignore them. if i want to own a home & do other grown-up things, i need to have grown-up savings.

2. healthy living. its a term an old friend created that i have adopted. i have to be more judicious with what I eat & drink…and although prayer is awesome, its not going to whip my body into perfection…so I have to head to the gym a few times a week (someone please come with me!) too.

3. 2000(new). I brought in the new year @ Lucky Devil strip club in Portland, OR with the clear intention of doing something new for 2009. I think there’s some fun to be had out there with funky creative people & i’m pretty sure i’ll find them in the Lower East Side & Brooklyn (let’s go get ’em TG).

4. HOME-EC. circa 1995. I haven’t been offered a home economics course since the 6th grade when I learned to cook biscuits and sew a small tote bag together. I went to 2 private womens educational institutions for 7 years (don’t figure out the math, no grades skipped, I went to public school frosh year @ CHS) and wasn’t offered a single course in some of the most important skills a woman should have. I’m taking matters into my own hands this year. I will be taking a cooking class & a sewing class in 2009….and a strip tease class (have to be well-rounded).

5. read more often. I want to push myself to know more about more topics. I subscribed to NY Magazine because its my fave…so i’ll be up to speed every week. I’m also going to crack open a few books. There’s been a lull since the old book club broke up, but i’m getting back on the wagon solo.

hm (honorable mentions): keeping up this blog.

So there it is. Hope you guys still do the whole witty Top 5 response thing in the “comment” section.





8 thoughts on “Top 5… resolutions for 2009

  1. Kimmy – This is awesome! Congrats… I would love to hear about tips, suggestions etc., for financial planning that work for you.

  2. So good to see you sharing your skills with the world. Our top five’s are very similar. Saving money sucks but damn it I guess it’s about time.

  3. top 5: becoming more well-rounded. strip tease class sounds perfect to me! let me know the time and date, will soooo be there :D.

    Congrats on this huge acheivement Kimmie! I will add this blog to the two others that I have resolved to keep up with this year!

  4. I love the blog and thanks for sharing your New Years resolutions with the world. One magazine I would also recommend is the New Yorker — I swear by it. Also, pick up “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” if you haven’t already! I love this dialogue

  5. this is awesome. i thought about starting a blog myself, but i think i prefer reading everyone else’s instead! your blog has now been added to the list 😉

    here’s my shameless plug … check out my gf’s blog: – she’ll have photos, etc. from our trip to morocco up soon.

    also (to you and kelly), i have a financial planner who i’ve found to be very helpful when it comes to topics such as retirement, life insurance, etc. – things that often go overlooked with our 20something bunch. let me know if you want more details …

  6. Kimmy, Im a fan! Please continue the blog. I’m not as witty and creative and I agree with Ben I would much rather read someone else’s stuff and comment. Keep it up.

  7. I agree with Ben – New Yorker is the only way to go 😉 I’ve subcribed for a while now. It reads like a novel. Good luck with the blog.

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