P.S.A. “allow me to re-introduce myself…”

It’s 2009…so I decided to listen to a couple friends who believe…& enter the ‘new’ millennium before it gets old. It should be a lot of fun, I plan to obsess over the blog, so stay updated, save the link, tell your friends…and if you have anything you want me to post/share, just let me know!

I plan to use this blog for organized chaos such as:

  • Top 5 emails {self explanatory, your inbox will thank me later}
  • SPF {shameless plug-fest} : my friends events, services, needs, projects, events, etc. that I endorse
  • Hot Sh*t {whatever moves me}: fashion, articles, pictures, songs, movies
  • Something Sexy {celebs, cars, clothing, whatever}
  • Reviews: I try new places often. Stores, Restaurants, Hotels, etc. in my city and others ALL of the time. I’ll share those too.
  • Extremely random thoughts that I like to share (funny clips that people send me)

my inspiration:

I brought in the new year out in Portland, OR to visit my cousin Channing (Frye #44 Portland Trailblazers). I visited his blog, which he politely noted is ranked top 10 of all athlete blogs, and it has a strong resemblance of all the random emails I have going on during my work day – just compiled into one place. It’s so funny that all the while I’m doing “Top 5 Wednesday” emails to my homies, he’s out west posting “Would you rather? Wednesdays” to his fans…while I exchange emails of restaurants & bars to try, he’s out there doing the same…

I’m adopting this concept & I hope you do with me!!




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