Quick Soul Fix: Listen to an old fave “Full” Album

I’ve been listening to music from the late 90’s and early 2000’s and it’s the most amazing walk down memory lane one could have.  If you’re ever feeling like you have nothing left, it’s absolutely the easiest quick fix of pure joy to play your fave full albums from back in the day.

Mine are:

1. The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill – Lauryn Hill

2. My Name is Joe – Joe

3. Come Home With Me – Cam’ron

4. 100% Ginuwine – Ginuwine

5. TP-2  – R. Kelly

6. The Black Album – Jay Z

7. In My Lifetime Vol. 1 – Jay Z

8. Writings on the Wall – Destiny’s Child

9. Confessions – Usher

10. Hardcore – Lil Kim

Happy Birthday to Me!

Last Friday I had the pleasure of turning 31!  It was the first year I did not have a “party”, but I had an absolutely fabulous weekend with my fiancee and close friends who are expecting!  Together, the four of us have celebrated life and traveled the world together to exciting places including:

  • Labor Day Montreal road trip from NYC
  • A luxe all-inclusive Punta Cana, Dominican Republic long weekend to celebrate my birthday & their anniversary
  • Memorial Day Weekend in Barcelona, Spain
  • Fun Friends Wine & Food weekend in DC
  • Wedding weekends in Savannah and Philadelphia
  • Family visits in Jersey and Atlanta
  • Memorial Day weekend in Panama

I’m surely missing some trips and fun times, not to mention the countless New Year’s and nothing weekends we’ve spent together enjoying NYC life.  There’s nothing quite like having others you truly enjoy in your life. And since we’re all in very transitional times with career, geographic location, marriage and children…we spent time discussing our goals and dreams for the future all while exploring the Sunny Clearwater – Siesta Key – Anna Maria Island – Tampa, FL landscape!



What kind of Bride am I?

So when you’re a girl’s girl like me, you plan your wedding your whole life (pending groom of course)… and with each new set of life experiences, you tweak the plan from getting married in Orlando, FL at Disney World (because you’re a princess, duh!) to dreams of lavish estate weddings with guests helicoptered in… and then you get engaged at 30 and realize that none of that is your reality!

This weekend I continued my hunt for the perfect wedding venue. It’s truly something I love to do and I’ve learned so much about what kind of bride I want to be.  After checking out 5 venues in the Hudson Valley that fit the bill for my dream “NYC Rustic Chic Wedding” I quickly realized that dressing up a dusty barn or renting out a cottage is not my “wedding me” and couldn’t be any farther from “us”.

I also couldn’t get into the concept that any place 90 Minutes north of NYC would be inconvenient for literally EVERYONE whether they’re living in NYC or travelling into NYC from out of town.  I don’t want that, I don’t want a single “eye roll” of “another inconvenient wedding” on some attempt to be different and charming.  I  realize that I just want an easy, lovely and fun time for all my  family and friends in a way that actually represents who we are.  We’ll see what that turns out to be – my guess is trying my best to re-create a fancier version of my epic Revel Brunch Parties!

I’ll review all my venues in a future post, but this one was just to say, that it was an interesting discovery to learn that I’m not  the type of bride I always thought I’d be… Maybe it’s because I’ll be a 31 year old bride? Probably.  I simply just “get” that no one wants to break the bank or have to get bused to a far out venue or stay in a bad hotel somewhere just because we’re getting hitched!




Walk the Walk — Be Authentic

Today my company hosted Walk the Walk — a corporate day of giving back in the communities where we work!  My team volunteered with Habitat for Humanity in Jacksonville and it was just the most beautiful day to help build a home!

The notice said to wear “closed toe” shoes and comfortable clothes, so I was sure to wear my Pink Tights & J. Crew Ballet Flats thinking I was following the rules.  Upon arrival, the site manager (and all my co-workers) looked at me crazy — everyone else had protective sneakers/socks combos ready for the mud and heavy lifting — I didn’t fit in at all — and I totally didn’t care.

Over the years I’ve become insanely comfortable knowing who I am and just being authentically me at all times.  I’m a ballet flats and tights kind of girl whether i’m at my desk or building a house…I love being me and can’t change it and wouldn’t change it for anything in the world.



30 days left at 30

Almost one year ago, I moved to JAX.  I just swore I’d start blogging again and keep track of my new life at 30 in a new city…and I did no such thing! In my 30 final days of being 30 and on my new journey in JAX, i’m making a commitment to doing this daily! Writing and connecting is my “thing”, so i’m re-launching my blog as a way to tap back into my love for writing, creativity and connection.  The whole internet is totally different from when I blogged 5 years ago, I haven’t keep up with the websites just yet, so i’ll remain old-school and blog until I figure out something more modern.

My passions in life are living, laughing, loving and learning — and sharing all of the above.  I love the relationships in my life over all things, helping others find their way in life, love and career.  It’s simple, but true.  My posts will be a mixture of daily musings, wedding planning & research, advice and my perspectives in general…maybe some reviews and pics… we’ll see!

I’m excited about this as it’s a dream to have my own column one day in Essence and be featured in Elle…and then be my own version of Oprah meets Kathi Lee and Hoda! Had to put it out there! Wish me luck 😉



Dear Kimmy…

Pretty soon I’ll be turning this into an advice column with my fun thoughts on how to get through your tricky situations — career choices, where to go in different cities, dating situations and more!

Shoot me a note if you have burning questions already! I’m no expert, but have put in my 10,000 with giving and getting advice from a big network of best friends 🙂 Now I want to share it!


30 — My Next Chapter


When you turn 30, everyone says “Welcome to the 30 Club!” and talks of how thrilling and liberating it is to be a 30 year old woman. You’re more clear about who you are, what you want, passions really make themselves impossible to ignore…

When I turned 30 last November, I made a major and somewhat unexpected life altering move.  I moved from my beloved and comfortable studio apartment in the Upper West Side NYC to Jacksonville, FL of all places.  A city that I literally had never really thought of in all my life.  I knew it would be a big and scary move, but there were elements of exciting growth opportunities personally, professionally and financially…and it’s hot/sunny/beach life, so it couldn’t be all that bad.  A risky choice, but worthwhile and at the end of the day I knew I could always go back to NYC.

The first 3 months were pretty cool.  My pinterest dreams came true! I had a new space and reason to decorate a much bigger place. I was relieved from the constant busyness of NYC – living calendar free during the week for the first time in years…. weekends were still hectic with Spelhouse Homecoming, weddings, my 30th birthday bash in NYC, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s…. I was practically never home and when I was, I’d run off to the beach and catch up on mags.  The life.

Then it began to set in a bit that this was truly my new life. I had to prove myself at work again, make friends, figure out what was happening in my relationship that brought me here, and honestly just pick something to do with all of my free time… all of the hard stuff!  Step by step I began to build a new life for myself.  I hit some professional milestone, now have a cool group of gals and spent enough time alone to uncover my passions.

In hindsight, I may have done things a bit differently, but I believe that everything happens for a reason and I look forward to uncovering those reasons & gems during the rest of this definitive chapter in my life…  One filled with love, career moves, celebrations and travels — which is exactly what I love to discuss and plan to focus on.   And with that, I finally decided to throw myself back into my blog from 2008 as a hobby, professional next steps and a way to feel connected again.  I hope you will join me!